8 Free Online Jobs from home that pays more than $10000 monthly

8 Free Online Jobs from home that pays more than $10000 monthly

If you search for some extra money then there is no better option than online jobs work from home part-time.
the most interesting things are you don’t need any investment. Also, a diamond benefit is you can work from home with family. You can do work on various tasks and generate various sources of income.

Top Online Part Time Jobs From Home are: –


1. Domain Buying and Selling –

In this business, you can earn even millions of dollars. You may feel a bit strange to hear but it is true. Don’t worry I will also give you a proof of it.
Firstly, I would like to tell you the domain is a kind of website address through which we access the websites like www.facebook.com or www.thedigitalearn.com and others.

And you will be surprised to know that you can buy it just for $3 – $4. And can sell it at a much more expensive even in millions of dollars.

I would like to tell you about some domains which have been sold for millions of dollars and earning a lot of profit.

1. Lesveges.com sold in $90 million
2. Carinsurance.com sold in $49.7 million
3. Insurance.com sold in $35.6 million
4. Internet.com sold in $18 million

Have you surprised but this is absolutely real, you can research on it? If you are interested in this, there are many websites available where you can sell and purchase domains like 

You can purchase domains from here and put them on selling. For those who need the related domain for their business, you can sell it later at a higher rate and earn more profit. I will provide you complete information about the Domain selling the business in an upcoming article, so if you want to know, you can click the below bell and subscribe by which you can get the notification for that.

2. Freelancing Job – Amazing Part-time jobs from Online Jobs from Home

If you are thinking about online jobs from home/ business, then Freelancing can be one of the online part-time jobs from home.
I would like to tell shortly about Freelancing, this is an online platform where a lot of world’s companies put up their work which we make money by completing.

If you want to know more about Freelancing Jobs you can read articles also.

There are a lot of different types of work on freelancing websites. So the first thing is to identify your skills and what kind of work you can do.

And then you can earn very good money by taking a project from here by creating your profile on these websites. It can be the best online Part time job. You can earn a lot of money because companies pay $100-$200 hourly. Basically, It depends on the types of work/ project. And when you will start growing in this field and getting more works, then you can also open your own company and grow your business.


3. Affiliate Marketing 

All the E-Commerce websites run a program ‘ Affiliate Programme ‘. If you become a member of the website under this which is absolutely free.  You have to promote their products. When products get sold through your links then you will get a commission for this. And in this way, you can make money through Affiliate Marketing.

You can share your links on social media and if you like to write content, you can also start blogging and add this link to your blog post.

So that all the peoples who visit your blog post can see your product Ad. and purchase from your affiliate links and you can make more money.

According to my experience, Amazon is the best E-Commerce website for affiliate marketing especially for beginners because I myself have been working on it for 2 years and have a very good experience.


4. Drop Shipping 

It is slightly similar to Affiliate marketing according to the work process, But you don’t get a commission and you can sell products on an E-Commerce website at your own price.

Just an Example – If a product is for $10 on Amazon, you can sell the same
product for your own prices like $15 or $20 and earn a good profit.
You can also earn money from Drop Shipping with the help of social media and blogging by referring to the product buy link.


5. Online Consultant Jobs

If you have knowledge in any field like an expert, then you can make good money by becoming an online consultant. You can grow your consultancy business by creating a website for it.

You can also create a post of your consultancy business and upload it on social media. When any people have a query or want advice will contact. This way you can make a very good part-time income by charging fees. In this business, growth is also good. Today’s time everyone wants expert advice before starting any work or in problems.

Like – After Schooling, Students need a carrier consultancy, like this, you can also thinking of starting something your own like Health consultant, Fitness Consultant, Carrier Consultant, Life problems consultant, and others.

6. Website Designing 

a) All the peoples who start any business, the first things they need a website. So if you know how to develop websites, then this can be a great opportunity for you.

b) If you know how to design a website, then you can create your own website and upload the content then monetize with Ad Network like Google AdSense and different sources of a blog income.

c) When you go to websites like Guru.com or Upwork.com you will find a lot of projects of website designing and you can make money by grabbing it.

In this way, If you know website designing then you have a key to make money.


7.  Part-Time Video Editor Jobs

If your interest is in video editing, then In today’s time you can earn a lot of money.
Even If you don’t know video editing, still you can earn money by doing this as a part-time or full time both. See, If you search the course of video editing on YouTube. You will get a lot of videos for free and In a few days.  You can learn how to do video editing completely.

As social media is growing, the video editor is growing in demand. When you go to Freelance websites, you will find many clients who have to need a video editor. Even for all other peoples who upload professional videos on social media, an editor is needed.

So If you learn video editing which is absolutely free or you have already learned then you can earn money easily from websites like Fiverr.com and others.

8. Online Data Entry Jobs from home

You must have searched on google Online Data Entry Job. So far, As much I told you to need some skill in all seven. But If you want to make money by doing some simple work then Data Entry Job is best for you. In this job, you have to do the work of typing data which is given by the company. You can find this job both online or offline. It can be the best Online part-time job for you.

There are many job websites where you will get this job offline. But If you want to do online then you can search for it and this job also available on Fiverr.com and Guru.com websites. Here you not get the job immediately, but as your profile gets to build, you will start getting more data entry jobs and start earning.

My Favourite way to make money online is Obviously Blogging. If you want to learn stepwise blogging with pro tips. you can visit my ‘ Start Blogging ‘ Section –

The eight ways, I told you, If you select any one and start working, then sure you will start earning money online in a few days, but the main things and secret of online earning is Patience, it is most important for work online earning platforms.
If you do regular work with little patience then you will start earning online and once you start earning online then you will earn a lot of money.
Online Part-Time Jobs from home/ Business I wanted to tell you is completed. If you want some more genuine ways to make money, you can also visit. 

If you find it even a little helpful, then please give your feedback through comment, and you can also share your ideas if you have through the comment.

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