Thomas Alva Edison – Inspirational Success Story and Biography

Thomas Alva Edison – Inspirational Success Story and Biography

Thomas Alva Edison – The Great Scientist

This is the story of the great scientist of the century whose positive thinking changed the world. Our biggest weakness is to give up easily. The simplest way to achieve success is to try one more time and keep trying. This is to say that of the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison.

Who does not know about Thomas Alva Edison well today? He was a great scientist. He did many inventions during his lifetime such as the electric bulb, the electric machine, and Gramophone is also invented by Thomas Alva Edison.

In his entire lifetime, 1093 was invented and made a world record. Let me tell you, this is just one aspect of their life. And today I will introduce you to another aspect of his life. I will present examples of their positive thinking, If you adopt in your life, then nothing can stop you from being successful in your life.

Thomas Alva Edison – Birth, Family, School day & About.

thomas alva edison

Thomas Alva Edison was born on 11 February 1847 in America. His father’s name was Samuel Edison and his mother’s name was Nancy. Edison was the youngest of the children of his parents.

When the Edison grew up, his parents got him admitted to a school. But after a few days, complaints started coming from the school. Edison used to ask their teacher so many questions. Everyone used to get upset and understood that he is a naughty child, even people outside the house consider him a retarded child.

And they started complaining a lot at home because their questions were such that if birds can So why can’t humans fly.

He was very curious since childhood, trying to know the reason behind everything. He used to start his experiments on whatever he thought he knew. Because of this people used to call them cynical and crazy but they used to work in their experiment without caring about the people.

Interesting Story of Edison – 1

And once, one of his thoughts surprised people so much that everyone started to think that he is mad and also crazy. He can do anything at any time in his madness. Actually, he had heard from peoples that birds eat insects so they fly in the air. And Edison tried to do this experiment.

In order to know his truth of curiosity, he went to the park once in the morning and caught a lot of insects and took them in a box. And made a solution of it and gave it to his friend to know whether the friend flies like a bird or not.
But his result turned out to be wrong and his friend couldn’t fly in the air but the situation became very bad and health deteriorated. For this Edison was beaten a lot.

Interesting Story of Edison -2

One day when he came home from school, he gave a letter to his mother, saying that teacher has given it. And when the mother saw that letter, the mother’s tears welled up.
Edison asks her mother what is written in it. But wiping tears, the mother said that it is written that your son is very clever and also a genius. But our school is low-level and the teacher is also not very trained so we can not teach him. Now you should teach him yourself.

Thomas Alva Edison Curiosity –

thomas edison curiosity

At the time when the age of Edison was only 9 years old. His mother gave him a book of elementary science in which told how to do some chemistry project at home. And then Edison made his first laboratory at his home at the age of 10 only. But after a few days, his mother got angry about something and threw out all his laboratory material.

Inspirational Story of Edison – 3

After this, they needed money to open a new laboratory. And Edison started selling tickets and newspapers to railway passengers. And now he had built his laboratory in an empty compartment of the train.

When he was 12 years old, his laboratory chemicals fell down while doing an experiment. And as a result of their chemical reaction. The empty coach of the train caught fire. The fire was extinguished but security personnel got angry and slapped a strong slap on the ear of the Edison and even took him off the train.

Do you know that due to the slap of that one, Edison started to be heard loudly, and gradually their hearing power was reduced?
If someone else was in his place, he would be sad and disappointed but Edison was happy with this because he felt that from now on, he would not be able to hear stupid things from peoples and he would be able to focus more on his work.

Thomas Alva Edison – Success Time

edison bulb invention

Only At the age of 15, Thomas Alva Edison started the business of printing and publishing his newspaper and started selling them on the train himself. And after working all day, he used to spend the remaining time in the lab. Over time Thomas Alva Edison became a great scientist and began to invent. 

Edison Universal Stop Printer was his first invention which he succeeded in selling. And there is an interesting story related to this, When Edison realized that his invention was worth $ 5000, he agreed to sell it for $3000 only but someone already bought it.

Now his journey to success had begun, after which he started inventing one after the other. And the most important Thomas Alva Edison invention is the electric bulb which spreads brightness everywhere and removes darkness.

Thomas Alva Edison failed to make bulbs more than 10000 times but was never disappointed and keep trying every time until he achieved success. And at the age of only 21, he invented the electric bulb. And on 21 October 1879, the bulb kept on burning all day. 

Success Story with Important Learning –

Thomas Alva edison inspiration

And thousands of people from far and wide started to see it because for people it was nothing less than a miracle. When Edison was asked, how did you keep on working without giving up despite failing more than 10,000 times? He said that I have not failed. I have taken 10,000 such paths that do not work and the wrong ways.
And he set an example for all the peoples that until no results are found, go ahead and go ahead till you achieve victory.

The story does not end here. One day when during his leisure time he was looking for his old and memorable things. At that time, he found an old letter in the corner of a cupboard.
This is the same letter given by the teacher in his childhood. And his mother had read that letter and told that the teacher wrote that Edison is very clever and genius and there were tears in his mother’s eyes while saying this.

But now his mother was dead and Edison had also become a very big and great scientist. And on getting such an old letter, he thought that I will quickly see what else is written about me.
Due to his curiosity, he opened the letter, but after reading what was written in it, Edison started crying because it was written that your child is Mentally week, never send him to school now, Edison kept crying for a long time.

And then he wrote in one of his diaries that a great mother made a Mentally week child one of the greatest scientists. This is the real power of positive Parents.

Thomas Alva Edison Death & Learning from His Life –

The great scientist Thomas Alva Edison died on 18 October 1931 and left the world. Do you know that he also considered death to go to another laboratory for a big experiment? He said I finished my life, now I am ready for another experiment, with this great thought he left the world by doing various great work for the world.

On his death, the lights of the whole of America were switched off for a day. He never gave up in his entire life and believed in himself. Do you know he used to experiment for many days without sleeping?

He did many inventions during his lifetime. You can see his patents list – Patents List of Edison

He believed that the secret to his success is that there is no watch in his lab. He often used to say that I never worked even a single day in my life, all of that was entertainment for me.

Hope you learn a lot of learning from The great scientist Thomas Alva Edison
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