5 Short Inspirational Story with Morals that Boost Up Your Energy

5 Short Inspirational Story with Morals that Boost Up Your Energy

To do big success, big energy and inspiration are required. And that energy comes from someone’s life story, or from small stories. The stories are small but the learning is big and valuable. And gives a different perspective to see things, gives the enthusiasm to do work wholeheartedly and that’s why today I have some short inspirational story with morals in front of you on this platform of Digital Earn. Let’s Start to boost up the energy level

1. Nobody believes two friends – Short inspirational story with morals

There were 2 friends, one was named Ram and the other was named Hari. Ram was 15 years old and Hari was 10 years old. The two were close friends.

two friends short inspirational story with moral

One day both of them were playing and they went away from the village to the forest. But accidentally happened to them that elder friend Ram was there, he fell into the well. The well was empty but Hari was in trouble because his friend was in a deep well. And far away, There was no one to help. He shouted and pleaded for help but His attempt failed.

After that, he put his mind and gave him a rope and the bucket appeared, he put the rope in the well. Hari said that if he sits in it, he will try to get him out with the help of it. Now Hari started pulling him with all his power, he was failing repeatedly but he did not give up, and finally, he pulled him out of the well.

two friends inspiring story

Both were very happy when they came to the village. And when people told about this incident, nobody did believe their point, Because people believed that a child was 5 years. How to pull an older child. No one believed.

In a while, an elder person came there and said what happened, These children are telling the truth, Then he said that it does not matter whether he is telling the truth or lying. The only thing is that how could this child do all this? Where did the power come from in 5 years’ children?

He said because there was no one to tell this child that you would not be able to do this work. So what he was doing didn’t distract. And he believed that it would do it and it did and save their friend’s life.

If there was someone else who would tell this child that, You will not be able to do this and may not. But he did it.

This is the morals and inspiration of the story

Best Learning & Morals:

People will let you down
Will underestimate you,
But you have to ignore the things of people.
And Focus on your goals,
Because you are Limitless,
You can achieve everything that you want in your life.

2. Thinking  – Short inspiring story

Many frogs used to live inside a pond. And there was also an island in the middle of the pond, around which frogs often came to play.

frog inspiring stories

One day all the frogs thought why not organize a competition. And the competition will be that The frog that reaches the top of this island will be considered the winner.

Now their competition started. All the frogs tried, Some were falling, some were climbing, This game went on for a long time. Now some frogs gave up and sat under a tree so that the rest of the frogs could be given knowledge or demotivated. The frogs who were trying to climb started speaking to them, let it leave. It is very difficult.

Many of the frogs accepted defeat by hearing just negative thoughts. But in between of all these, there was a frog, which was climbing in its tune and was falling again and again, but he was trying continuously.

Losers Frog was also giving him negative thoughts. But Finally, he reached the top of the island. As he reached, All the frogs went to him. all the frogs started asking him that, how did he do this, then the frog did not say anything.

Finally, his friend said that what do you ask from him, he cannot hear anything means the frog was deaf. If he was not deaf, the inferiority complex would enter his mind and he could not reach their goals.

Learnings & Morals :

You will not be able to do this,
It’s not about you,
It is very difficult.
It is useless to try,

In reality, all these words are useless if you want to achieve something big in your life.
It is not necessary that if no work is being done by any person, then no one can do it. Sure it can, but only there is a need, to be deaf like that frog. So that negative people can be ignored.


3. Struggle Makes You Strong –  Inspirational story with morals

Once upon a time, a person was going out of work. On the way, he saw a butterfly that was just trying to come out from its egg.

He simply sat there and started watching this scene. Some Hours passed, and that butterfly was working hard and struggling to get out of that small hole in the egg. But after some time, it seemed that the butterfly got stuck in that small egg hole.

Sitting there, the man thought of helping the butterfly, he took scissors and enlarged that small hole in the egg. So that the butterfly came out easily.

After the butterfly came out of the egg, the person saw that its body was bloated and the wings were dry.

birds struggle story

He thought that I would wait a while and help them to fly when the butterfly spreads its wings. But nothing like that happened, that butterfly had to spend his entire life with a bloated body and dry feathers.

In spite of having a kind heart, that man could not understand that to struggle to get the butterfly out of that egg is a way of God, to bring it safe in this world.

The struggle is necessary to achieve success.
Success Rule: 1 – Without struggle – No Success.


4. At Least try once – Just take action for Success Inspiration

There was a boy named Harish, he was very fond of running. He participated in many marathons. But he did not complete any race. One day he decided that whatever happens, he will definitely finish the race.

motivational short story of a boy

Now the race started, Harish also started running slowly. All the runners were leading, But now Harish was tired and he stayed. Then he said to himself if I can’t run. At least I can walk. He started walking. He was definitely moving forward. But he was too tired. And fell down.

He told himself, How he will definitely complete the race today. He stubbornly got back and started to stagger and eventually, he finished the race.

Assuming he had lost the race, But today his faith was at its peak. because before today, never he completed any race.

He was lying on the ground Because the muscles of his legs were very stretched. But today he was very happy
Because Today he won by losing.

Learning: The result doesn’t matter if you are giving your best. Because If you are consistent, You will definitely achieve success. But At least try and try again with Never Give up the dedication.

5. You can achieve whatever you want – Success Mantras

Note: “Whatever you want, you will sleep!” – This is a phrase, meaning ‘ Whatever you want, You will get’.

A monk was camping on the shore. There he would sit all day long. And he cries in between, and shout, “Whatever you want, you will sleep!”

monk success mantra
People passing through that path considered him crazy or mad. They would listen to him and observe and listen to what he used to laugh at.
One day an unemployed young man was going through that path. The voice of the monk’s screaming also fell in his ears – “Whatever you want, you will be able to sleep!” “Whatever you want, you will be able to sleep!”.

The monk said, “Yes son, but first you tell me what you want to get?”
“Saint! I want to become a big diamond merchant one day. Can you fulfill my wish? ” The young man said.
“Absolutely son! I give you a diamond and a pearl, make as many diamonds and pearls as you want. ” The monk said. The light of hope shone in the young man’s eyes after listening to the monk.

Then the monk put his hand on the young man’s palm and said, “Son, this is the most precious pearl in the world. This is called ‘patience’. When the desired result is not achieved even after spending time on a task, then wear this pearl called Patience. If you have this pearl, you can get what you want in the world. ”

success mantra inspirational story

The young man listened carefully to the monk and thanked him and left. He got two Guru – mantras of success. He decided that he would never waste his time and always work patiently.

Morals of the story – Always keep diamonds and pearls named ‘time’ and ‘patience’ mantras with you to achieve the goal. Never waste your time and do not leave patience in difficult times. Success will definitely be achieved.

If You want to boost up your motivation by some real-life story of a person. I highly recommend to once read the biography, of the most successful person who failed more than 10000 times but finally, he did and achieved success. Read Inspiring success story.

If you liked our post, some Short inspirational story with morals then, definitely comment and share this post. And If you want to read a biography on any successful person, please mention in the comment. I will definitely make an article on that great person.

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