These are the Best Survey Sites that Pays Huge Money for Easy Survey

These are the Best Survey Sites that Pays Huge Money for Easy Survey

What is Online Survey Sites?

This is an online form filling work in which survey forms are given by online survey websites. In this many survey questions are given and 4-5 answers are given below them as options, out of which click on the answer that you feel is right. And sometimes, you have to write answers to some general short questions and suggestions. Basically many big companies listed these surveys on the best survey sites to know the view and interest of customers/users by which they can improve their products or services. And online surveys websites provide these surveys to general users like ourselves.

You do not need any kind of technical or other skills to do this online job. Just you should understand a little English so that you can understand and answer the questions asked in the online survey form.

How to Earn Money from Best Surveys Sites?

If you want to earn money online by giving you just only half an hour daily, then an online survey that pays real money is the best option to make money easily for you. Genuine Online Survey websites pay you good money within half an hour in a part-time.

Simply, You have to register first on the best survey sites to earn money, where you have to fill in the correct details.

How to Classify whether Online Survey Sites are Real or Fake?

Earning money online from the internet is easy but if you do not know how to differentiate between fake and real websites, then you will face many difficulties to earn online because there are millions of websites on the internet that delivered their online work and when it comes to money then Nothing paid to you.

I would like to tell you that more than thousands of peoples are cheated every day because of a lack of information, they only think that there is a good amount of income on these online paid survey sites and can work from home part-time, etc.

But you must have heard the saying that “Greed is a bad problem”, people start working hard to earn more and more money, and when their payment reaches the minimum payout, then either their account is terminated or they are terminated. Payment is not sent nor is any reply given on contact. Because they are fraud and chitter

Then, both the honest person’s hard work and time are completely wasted and he is sitting with his head banged up. Only then it is said that we should not be lured too much, otherwise it is completely possible to do harm always.

Before doing any work, we should always do a complete and deep investigation and read customer reviews about it as if it is not a fake survey site, read its review from many websites so that it can know about its payment behavior and truthfulness. we should also see that When does she provide paid survey, what is the payment methods, do they have real existence or absolutely new in the market means what kind of history he has on the internet, surveys are received on a daily basis or on weekly basis and many other factors like this.

When you will start working on any online earning platform after investigating all of these things, Surely you will get genuine online work that paid your payment timely and easily.

What is Survey Panel?

Survey Panels is a Third-Person online survey to earn money Company. It runs surveys for a company that needs to get Paid surveys and collect user’s complete information, interest, likes, and dislikes. Survey Panel Company is much trusted, experienced, and highly professional. Some popular Paid Survey Panels are. Such as – Toluna India, India speaks, iPanel Online, and many more. I have discussed the 20 top reliable survey sites below.

On the basis of these user’s information, big companies improve their products, services, and their strategies because actually they want to know market demand and customer interest, complete customer interest analysis about likes and dislikes to improve their products.  In order to earn maximum revenue. Every Online Paid Survey Panels has its own website where any person who is interested in online earning through surveys can do free registration. And these Panels inform you on daily basis to your Registered Email whenever online surveys are available.

The information which is asked by Online Survey Panel from the users during registration are:

  • Age
  • Date of Birth.
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Number of Member in Family
  • Family Member’s Age
  • Household Income ( Annually/Monthly)
  • Job or Bussiness and About Post
  • Geographical Location of Address
  • Online Engagement Duration
  • Online Usage Digital Devices
  • Social Media Usage
  • Purchase History
  • Purchasing Decision Authority.
  • Using Automobile & Electrical Appliances Experience.
  • Using FMCG Products Experience.
  • Travel History and Tour Experiences.
  • Health Diagnostics and Diseases if any.
  • Decision Making during Job or Business.

Panels save these types of information with your user ID. Whenever a survey company gives a designated User Profile Requirement to Survey Survey Panels, Survey Panels match the profile with thousands of users on their website. Users with whom the profile matches. Survey Invitation is provided to them.

What is survey Routers?

Survey Routers is a website where any user can earn money from Paid Survey by doing a free registration. However, it does not send emails to users to conduct surveys like Panels. In fact, Survey Router is a group of many Survey Panels.

Therefore, by registering on the Survey Router, we do not have to register on many different Panels. Rather, it provides a platform. Where any user can do multiple Paid surveys in one place by the login. Hence, as survey routers have a lot of online Paid Survey, it has higher earning potential.

Top 15 Online Best Surveys Sites that Pays Real Money

As I already discussed in detail everything above. The biggest problem in this job is that most peoples do not know about the genuine website on which they can do this work. More than 70% of people start working on fake online survey websites due to which they do not get paid at all and they start looking at all survey sites from the wrong perspective. But it is not right because there are some real online survey websites also available.

But it is also a harsh truth that about 80% of survey sites are fake, who never make payment to their users. And those who are real sites, they send payout to every user timely.

Below I have listed the 15 best Paid Survey sites to earn money. You can start working easily by registering and work on the sites.

1. Opinion World

Opinion World is the best online survey site, which pays you after completing the survey, it is a survey site related to services and consumer products.

opinion world survey site

It is the best user-friendly paid survey site, which is not only genuine but also provides you various online surveys frequently by which you can earn online. This site is very simple and easy to use, which does not cause any difficulty in completing the offer. This is a new site but is trusted, you can simply register and complete the survey offer and start earning online money.
The minimum limit of payout done by Opinion World website to its member is at least Rs 500. Moreover, this website pays you through various payment options including PayPal, or Gift Cards including, Pizza Hut, etc.

Steps to Join Opinion World Survey Site:

  • Go to the Opinion World
  • Click on sign up
  • You will get 2 options here to sign up one from Facebook or from google
  • If you want to join any other email, simply fill all details correctly and click on Next and then Done.
  • Now, If mail received for confirmation, simply open your Gmail and click on that mail link and confirm that.
  • Now, All set you can start work.

2. Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is a high paying online survey website. Here you may get a survey paying up to 20 $ for a single survey. It also pays for watching online videos, watching ads, playing some games, etc. There is also a Referral earning program, by which you will get 2 $ extra for referring the link. So you can earn here easily as regular users from 400 to 700 $ every month.

surveysavvy site

Simply you have to create an account here and start working on it and start earning. Here, you can get a survey from a high-paying survey to low pay, this completely depends on the survey’s length and quality. Survey Savvy pays its users through PayPal as their payment and the minimum payout is at least Rs70 to withdraw the payment.

Steps to Join Survey Savvy Site:

  • Click on Survey Savvy
  • Click on the Sign-up button / Join
  • Fill all details carefully and select one security question
  • Click on Continue and verify your mail when you received mail.

3. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is also another amazing survey site. you can make a lot of money by filling the online surveys or clicking on ads show, playing online games, completing some simple tasks, participating in free contests, etc. as they provide various ways to make money online from home. This website is a top-ranking website as also provides a number of opportunities to earn money easily.

PrizeRebel surveys site

In PrizeRebel you can complete a survey or other offer by working only 15 to 30 minutes daily and earn easily from home 100 to 300 $ every month. You can earn more by sharing the referral link to the others in the Referral earning Program.

PrizeRebel pays the payment to their users as if you earn 145 points, you will get a gift card of rs.100. You will get gift cards from various different companies like PVR, Amazon, etc.

Steps to Join PrizeRebel site:

  • Click on PrizeRebel
  • On PrizeRebel, you will get 2 options to join (Facebook and Email)
  • You fill Email and Name or Click on Facebook to join from Facebook
  • Click on ‘Start Making Money’
  • One Pop up will be open for Email verification
  • Open mail and verify your account
  • Now, you can start earning.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is also one of the best online survey companies by which users will get daily Surveys & other tasks and earn daily. It will notify you that through email regularly once you sign up and become its member.

swagbucks survey sites

It provides you various ways to make money online like watching videos, online shopping, some research, and other small tasks. You can withdraw payment money from PayPal as a payout or convert to Amazon gift card vouchers. It pays you through providing gift cards when you earn a minimum of $3.

Steps to Join Swagbucks site:

  • Click on Swagbucks
  • Here also simply Fill Email and password
  • Click on Sign up Now, fill all details carefully and verify your email
  • You can also download its application and simply log in on it.

5. TimeBucks

TimeBucks is also another online best sites for survey that pays and provide very simple surveys to the users and helps in earning money. so that you can complete the survey here as soon as possible, and do as much Earn as possible easily.

And One question, Have you ever think that you can earn money for just clicking selfies? Yes, you have heard it right, You can earn money For taking Selfies also with other ways of online earning money through the Timebucks website including online simple surveys, watching videos, playing simple games, and many others. You will also get a 15% referral bonuses like all other sites to do.

timebucks surveys

Timebucks paid users payment through PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin. And You will get instantly $1 of earning as a signup bonus if you get qualified to work on Timebucks.

Steps to Join Timebucks:

  • Click on Timebucks
  • Here you will have also two options to signup Facebook and Email
  • Next, Fill in Email and password or Click on Facebook
  • Click on ‘Sign Up Now’
  • Next, you will get a pop of Terms & Condition Agree, Click on I Agree.
  • The dashboard will be in front of you where you will get all details about earning, payment, chat, support, Tasks, etc.

6. Toluna

Toluna is also one of the best and trusted online survey sites that pay based on the point earning system, You get 500 points as a sign-up bonus on first-time registration.

toluna survey site

You earn easily 3000 to 8000 points for completing each survey, here you can get easily short survey to high length survey and earn money. You can also work on the referral program here and earn. And the minimum payment in Toluna site is just 50 points. And 30000 points need to get gift vouchers by which you can shop anything. So that Toluna pays you through PayPal, and Gift vouchers including Amazon, Flipkart, and many others.

Stepa to Join Toluna Site:

  • Click on Toluna
  • Click on Sign Up
  • Next, fill your first name and click on the drop-down arrow
  • Next, Fill Last Name and click on the Dropdown arrow
  • Fill Date of Birth and click on Arrow
  • Press Enter
  • Select your gender (Male/Female)
  • Enter your correct Email address and click on the next arrow
  • Select Country and fill Pin Code
  • Press Enter and create Password
  • You have the option to fill Mobile Number (It is optional)
  • Click on Submit Button
  • Verify your Email and start working

7. ySense

ySense online survey is the best and amazing survey sites available. This site gives you much good online earning just by completing the surveys regularly. Some time ago, ySense known as Clixsense but now ySense. So this is an old and trusted survey sites.ySense has an associated with various top world-class survey panels, due to which you can expect and get a lot of surveys on this website. There are various ways by which you can earn including referring friends, doing online surveys, and earning daily activity bonus points. This website apart from survey offers, and also runs a referral program by which you can earn more and more money by promoting it. You can withdraw your earnings easily from PayPal, Payoneer, skrill, and reward link India.

ysense survey site

Steps to Join ySense sites:

  • Click on ySense
  • You will get a dashboard with an option to ‘sign up for free and start earning’
    (Fill Email & Password) and Click on Join Now and fill required details
  • Then Same verify and start working on various tasks (Cash offers, appen tasks, and referral) with Online Surveys.

8. LifePoints

It is a new survey site launched in India after the collision of MySurveys and GlobalTestMarket. Lifepoints panel provides you a great opportunity to earn a good amount of survey money for each survey you complete. You get 15-140 points for completing each survey and the minimum points required to make withdrawal requests are 806.

Lifepoints best survey sites

You can also participate in a jackpot by which you can win up to $2000 cash. Lifepoints pay your payment through various methods like PayPal, Cheques, and E-vouchers for Myntra, Flipkart, Shopperstop, and Makemytrip.

Steps to Join Lifepoints Panel:

  • Click on Lifepoints Panel
  • Click on Join Now Button
  • Fill Name, Email, and Password and click on Next
  • Then Fill Gender, Date of Birth, Street address, City, State, and postal code and click on Next.
  • You will get four points like starting with ‘ Yes I have Read…’ Tick all and click on the Sign-up button.
  • And the last step is to verify your Email. Done.

9. Ipanel

Ipanel Survey is an International Survey Portal. It has a huge number of users in the world. And almost every users are doing Part Time Earning from home easily. In this, you have to answer some simple questions, these questions can be related to your daily life, product review, or your Opinion and some others. It can be MCQs questions and some short questions.

Ipanel online survey

All surveys have some fixed points, which completely depends on the survey’s length and when you complete these surveys, you will get points. You can convert these points into rupees and transfer them to your bank or buy gift cards from them. And also you can refer it to your friends and family to earn some extra money from Ipanel. You earn from Ipanel between 1 to 100 points to submit each survey. One point equals Rs. 1 in Indian currency.

Steps to Join Ipanel:

  • Click on Ipanel
  • Click on Join Now
  • Fill Name, Nick Name, Email, and Captcha code
  • Click on Agree(Start to Register)
  • You will get here 4 steps complete that and start earning
  • Create New Account à Contact Informationà Personal Information à Complete Registration.
  • You complete the steps and start working easily.

10. Mobrog

Mobrog is a valid and reliable website that is best known for the paid surveys it conducts. You can earn up to $2 – $3 for each survey. You can make money daily by giving just 10 to 20 minutes. These websites provide every information about surveys through email once you registered on this website. Mobrog pays you through PayPal or Skrill once you earned a minimum of Rs 500.

Mobrog survey site

Steps to Join Mobrog:

  • Click on Mobrog
  • Select your Country (from the top corner)
  • Click on the Sign-Up button
  • Fill in all details of the Sign-up form and tick on the “I agree” box.
  • Click on Register Button and then verify your mail
  • Start working and earn money

11. WOW Application

wow, the app provides you various opportunities to earn money online such as online surveys, chatting, video watch, and also many ways.

wow application

Various ways to earn money in Wow App.
1. Online surveys
2. Watching short videos
3. Chatting on the wow app
4. Playing games
5. App. Install
6. Watching video Ads.
7. Searching on the Web.

Have you surprised? But it is true. As you chatting on WhatsApp, just like you can chat on the wow app and earn money. And also earn playing games, app installs various simple ways. And the online survey is the best option available for earning on this app.

You can make money easily by sitting at home up to Rs. 200 for each survey you complete. And it will not take more than 15-20 minutes to complete any survey online.
You can easily withdraw your payment from the wow app. through PayPal. And you will receive your earning within 2 hours of requesting the payout.

Join wow App and Earn Money:

  • Click on WOW app
  • Download and Install Application
  • Register on it by Email and filling in all details and start working.

12. Rewards1

When you see the rating of this online survey site, you find 61% of users experienced excellent, 4% of users experienced great and 36% users bad.
I would like to tell you, it is a much genuine site. Before someday, I recommended it to my friends and he is satisfied because it paid them. So you can work on it freely. This is a trusted and best survey sites that pays your payment easily when you reached the withdrawal limit. On this website, you get surveys based on your profile information. The minimum payout limit is 100 points, one point means Rs1. And the payment made through PayPal, Mobile Recharge, a Gift card.

Rewards1 best survey sites

Steps to Join Rewards1 survey site:

  • Click on Rewards1
  • Enter Email, Name, and Password
  • Click on the “Join Now” Button
  • Verify your mail id by clicking on the mail verification link
  • Start working and start making money from an online survey.

13. Ebuno

Ebuno is another best-paid survey site. Here also you can earn through the survey as well as a Referral program. You can just refer your relatives and can earn 10% of your referral money, once your profile is registered and. You also get Rs 35 as soon as you sign up done. It can take up to 20-30 minutes to do each survey and you make up to Rs 150 for each online survey easily.

Ebuno survey site

The minimum withdrawal limit is Rs 700. Once your earnings reached 700, you can make a withdrawal request. This company also claims that you can make Rs 500 every hour by doing online surveys. Ebuno uses to pay your earnings through various methods like PayPal, Swish, and Payza.

Steps to Register on Ebuno site:

  • Click on Ebuno
  • Click on the Register button for registration on Ebuno
  • Fill in all details like Name, mail id, password, gender, zip code, date of birth, and tick on both boxes of terms & conditions and click on the Register Button.
  • Verify that and log in again using registered email id and start working

14. Pinecone

This is another trustable website for an online survey. This website informs you when you are registered once. This website’s own claim about, if you faced any scam, you can claim on that on the basis of their term & conditions. You will get your points on every survey completion that you can easily redeem. Like other websites, here also available various options to withdraw your earnings. For More Information, you can visit the website by clicking on the Pinecone below.

pinecon survey site

Steps to Register Pinecone site:

  • Click on Pinecone
  • The joining process is the same here also that written above, joining by email.
  • If you don’t get a signup option, you have to click on the login button and you will get the below option to sign up.
  • Next same verify your mail and you will receive all notifications of the survey on registered mail.

15. Inbox Dollars – Best Survey Site to Earn Money

Once you registered on this website, here also you can easily get survey information through the mail. And one good thing about this site that you will get $5 absolutely free as a sign-up bonus, but you can’t able to withdraw it. But when you earn another $5, you can easily withdraw your complete payment.

Inbox dollars best survey site

Inbox Dollars provides you various opportunities to make money options like playing games, searching the web, ads displayed on your mobile, chatting, watching online videos, and various other options. This website uses for payment is PayPal.

Steps to Register on Inbox Dollars:

  • Click on Inbox Dollars
  • Fill Email id and password and click on Sign Me Up
  • And same verify mail and you will receive $5 sign up bonus
  • And you can work easily on Online surveys, watch videos, playing games, online shopping, and Read emails.

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Are online survey jobs legit?

Most of the survey websites are not legit, they do not pay earnings to their customers but some of the top websites are legit also, where you can work and earn start earning from home by just giving some answers.

Are Online survey jobs real?

It depends on, what kind of online jobs you are doing because many online jobs are real and many not. You can read the user’s reviews about that online job. And always you should research online jobs before start working on that.

How much online survey pays?

Actually, every online survey website payment amount is different. So once you read all 15 genuine online survey sites which I told you above, you can easily get about how much pay online surveys websites.

Why Conduct Online Surveys?

Basically, Online surveys conducted to collect user’s information about their likes and dislikes, and product reviews, and suggestions by which big companies can change their products and services according to customer’s interests.


Online Survey is the best ways to make money online from home. If you are a housewife, students, part-time job seekers anyone. You can easily do online survey work. But the main thing, you have to research every online job on that you want to work.
It might happen sometimes surveys are not available according to your profile or not qualify for a survey. At this point, you should have patience. One main thing, If you earn money online on any platforms you should have patience because sometimes your profile builds up in some weeks then you get surveys.
Here you provide the 15 best survey sites. You can work on it and all 15 sites pay real money. Hope this article helps you to earn extra money. If you have also an idea about any online best survey sites, you can share with me through the comment

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