20 Types of Earn Money Online works that really pays off

20 Types of Earn Money Online works that really pays off
  • Do You Want to Earn Money Online?

  • Are You Looking to Earn Passive Income?

If your answer is Yes then you are on the right platforms, Work from home jobs is best for passive income. But the main problem is finding real websites and platforms to earn money easily. But in these articles, You will get 20 real ways to earn money online easily without any Investment that really pays off.

1. Virtual Assistant Online Job 

This is the best and most trending part-time job in which you can easily make $2 – $ 30 every hour. Actually, Virtual Assistant ( VA ) is just like a normal assistant but you have to do it virtually.

You will get work like this in the Virtual Assistant Job :

  • Managing Gmails
  • Content Writing
  • Managing and Replying Comments
  • Research Word
  • Writing Social Media Post

There are various services that you can provide as a Virtual Assistant even you can provide some simple work services like managing to message and customer phone calls from home.

Some websites that offer Virtual Assistant jobs where you can easily earn money online: –

2. Become a Social Media Influencer

This is the fastest-growing way to earn money online. Actually, Social Media Influencer earning depends on Followers, Public Image, and what type of endorsement and advertisement are you doing.

According to a Report :
Priyanka Chopra gets about $267000 for every post on Instagram.
Virat Kohli gets about $200000 for every post on Instagram.

Even If you have about 10k followers with a high engagement rate ( 6-10 ), You probably become a social media influencer and earn easily about $30 – $200 for every post.

Best Social Media Influencer platform that paid high –

3. Blogging

If you have an interest in some writing works or any type of research work on any topic and if you want to make money online. If the answer is ( Yes ) then Blogging is the most effective way to make money online.

If you will work on it for a minimum of 6-8 months with full dedication and hard works with learning. You will definitely start making even $10000 or $20000 per month. It depends on various factors like traffic, types of advertisements, or sources of income which use on your blogs.

But Patience is most important in this. If you haven’t the patience. I want to tell truth, you might not be able to much grow. Because you have to work in starting without any money from this with full dedication. But once when your websites grow, your earning will be much more than your expectations.

And one thing, I would like to tell, Start Blogging is just an easy with hosting and domain but maintain regularity can be a slightly great deal.

For Learn How to start blogging in Hindi read: Blogging Kaise Shuru kare

4. Gaming Channel

If you are interested in playing games and If you are good at any particular popular games.
It can be a great opportunity to earn money by uploading your game video on YouTube or other social media platforms. You can also start game streaming.

When you play games for only entertainment purposes nowadays and you are a great gamer.
According to my, It is not a great deal because you can earn millions of dollars through gaming. If you are interested in gaming, you already know many gamers make millions of dollars from it.

When you search ‘ Game Video ‘ on YouTube, you find a lot of videos. Actually, who upload those videos, they are earning from YouTube or Streaming by monetizing that and also from the fund.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is the best way to make real money online. Basically, this is completely based on commission earning.

Actually, When you will join any affiliate program with any E-commerce company or other company. You will be approved as an affiliate marketer. It is absolutely free.

You have to sell their product through your affiliate link. And on every sale, you will get a commission of 4% – 12% on every product or service.

There are various ways for affiliate marketing like blogging, YouTube, or other Social Media Platforms. If you want to know some more about Affiliate Marketing you can visit –

6. Simple Part-time Work

  • Swagbucks – This is an American site that pays you for various tasks like Online Surveys, Watching Videos, Playing Games, etc.
  • Meesho – This is an Indian site based on the dropshipping concept but it is absolutely free where you can sell the product of meesho at a higher rate and earn a profit.
  • Zoombucks – This is also an online website where you can earn PayPal money or gift voucher by doing some online surveys, watching videos, playing games, and completing some simple tasks.

7. Freelance Writer –

If you like writing and do not want to blogging, then a freelance writer can be a very good option for you. You can earn easily $10-$25 every hour as a freelance writer. Simply you have to write content on a particular topic which is given by your clients.

As a freelance writer, you can work on various projects for many clients according to your capabilities and expertise. When you become an expert in this field, you can start your own freelancing business and grow it.

So It is a great choice if you like writing and want to be independent.

8. Book Keeping –

This is another best online job in which you get real money online. Actually, Book Keeping is a part of accounting in business.

The Job could be like :

  • Analyzing Reports
  • Preparing Taxes
  • Setting Budgets

On average, bookkeeping could help you make money approximately $10 – $25 every hour as a part-time job.

There are two ways to make money as a Book Keeper –

  • Starting Your own bookkeeping business
  • Book Keeping Job

Here is some websites name where you can find Book Keeping Jobs

9. Online Public Relation ( PR ) Job –

Online Public Relations job fundamentally three things –

  • Building Brands
  • Managing Brands
  • Protecting Brands

PR builds good relations with the public as a representative of Brands. Basically, PR maintains the public image for a company or a brand and promote the brand and boost awareness of products.

PR income is different in every country. You can check the research on it as per your country. But on an average PR easily earn $20000-$50000.

For More Information about it, you can read – Online Public Relation

10. Data Entry Job

You must have heard about it. Data Entry job is basically the entry of some data. You have to enter of provided data or documents by Company or firm.

You can easily earn money by data entry jobs online about $10-$20 every hour.

Some Genuine Websites for Data Entry Work –

  • Peopleperhour.com
  • Guru.com
  • Fiverr.com

11. Online Paid Surveys

This is another simple way to make money online free. Actually many big companies put their surveys on online survey websites to know about market demands, customer interest, and reviews for improvement in products. And we earn money online by completing it.

This survey is approximate 15 to 30 minutes and you can easily make $5 – $15 per hour as part-time work.

I would like to tell you, Mostly 80% of websites are fraud or scam. But some real websites are also available that pays you real money.

Some of the real websites are –

You can read both website’s customer reviews by clicking on them for satisfaction.

I highly recommend please go with real websites for Paid Surveys online work because there are lot of fraud websites are available online.

12. YouTube

You all know about YouTube. It is an online video platform. And also earn money online free by uploading videos and monetize it.

  • You just have to create a YouTube channel.
  • After it makes a video according to your interest and knowledge. ( You can shoot video from your smartphone camera. Start from today no matter which camera and mic. Just Shoot your videos because everything starts from zero ).
  • Upload your videos regularly.
  • When your channel has reached 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time then monetizes it and start making money.

13. Ad. Clicking Online Work

This is the most simple and easy way to earn money online ever. You have to just click on Ads. Or Banner and you can make money easily. This is called PTC ( Paid to Click Jobs ).

As easy as this work is, it is difficult to find its real websites because more than 85% of websites are fake. So much difficult to find real websites or platforms for Ads. Clicking jobs.

I highly recommend you should always go with freelance websites for this work.

14. Drop Shipping

In the Dropshipping, we sell products of E-Commerce websites and others for our price and earn a lot of money as a profit. Drop Shipping is the best and legit way to make money online.

Just an Example for Drop Shipping –  The cost of a product is $ 20 dollars on Amazon but if you sell it for $ 25 then you earn $ 5 as a profit.

If You want to earn money from Amazon, You can read – How to Earn money from Amazon?

15. Online Tutoring

I think this is the best way to earn money online for students. I also teach for 1 hour every day because I love teaching.
You can earn easily $10-$20 every hour even more. I highly recommend especially for students who want to earn some extra pocket money. It can be the best way for you in which you can earn money online from home.

I would like to give a tip if you are thinking about students. You can start it by posting your Ads. about your online class on social media platforms. Interested people contact you and you can earn online pocket money. You can also join online tutoring classes as a part-time online job.

16. Resume Writer

The resume writer job is just a simple online job. You have to write a resume for clients. Basically, it is very easy but also difficult for somebody or many persons have no time to write. This is the same basic reason which causes many persons to need to Resume a writer.

You can easily earn as a resume writer up to $6 – $15 per hour.

Some of the websites for Resume Writing are –

17. Proof Reader

This is another easy online job. Basically, Proof Reading is an online job in which you have to check grammatical mistakes or any type of fault in content, documents, or any post. If you have good English knowledge then this job is best suited for you.

As social media grows, the demand for proofreaders also growing. Because all social media marketers need accurate content.

Some of the websites for Proof Reader are –

18. Earn Money Online by Digital Marketing

In today’s time, there is various scope in digital marketing. Once if you learn it, which is available absolutely free on various websites or YouTube channels, there are a lot of online or offline jobs available for you.

This is the most trending and best to make money online. You can create your own websites through digital marketing.

There are various scope available in Digital Marketing –

  • Blogger
  • Website Developer
  • SEO service provider
  • E-mail marketer
  • Content Writer
  • Freelancer
  • App Marketer

For Learn Complete Digital Marketing in Hindi visit the site: Digital Marketing in Hindi

Numbers of offline or online jobs available in digital marketing. Many of the great Digital marketers provide absolutely free digital marketing course with certifications.

Before Start a blog, you should read a complete article for knowing all about blogging and carrier – Blogging

19. Become a Part-time seller

Basically, this is offline jobs but you can become a part-time seller. This is legit online jobs all over the world and can be a very good option as a part-time. You can also become an online seller and earn profit and or commission which I have already told.

20. Earn Money by Freelancing Websites

Freelance websites are an online job marketplace where a lot of different types of online jobs are available. I would like to tell, who works on freelance websites are called freelancers.

Freelancer is a self-employed who are not an employee of any company or Organizations but they work for them. We can say contractor and get paid hourly basis or on the basis of decided terms and conditions.

There are so many types of online jobs are available on freelance websites. You can select jobs according to your interest and work on that.

Some Genuine and Trusted Freelance websites where you get real money online –

  • Guru.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Peopleperhour.com
  • Urbanpro.com
  • Toptail.com

All other freelance websites are also available and genuine but these are the best and joining is absolutely free.

The Bottom Line

These are some real and no investment ways to earn money online. Everyone wants to earn extra pocket money or passive income. Before few years, I was also suffering from this problem. And finally, I am earning a good amount of income with the internet since 2018.
You can select any work according to your interest and start now. I guarantee you won’t regret it. If you have also an idea, you can share it with me through a comment.


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