9 Ideas to Make Money Online with Zero Investment

9 Ideas to Make Money Online with Zero Investment

 * Do you have any ideas to make money online?
 * Are you looking for a real platform for online earning according to your interest?

If you are thinking something like that then you are exactly at the right place.

It is old saying making money online is very easy but finding a right platform for earning is equally difficult . But I will tell you the Top – 5 best online earning platform from where you can make a good amount of money sitting at home by doing the work of your interest. Let’s See

Best 9 Ideas to Make Money Online Are –

1. Online Consultant – Creative Idea to make money

There will be a question in your mind, How can I make money from this?

Actually, An online consultant who advises peoples on any particular problem, situation, or topic so that queries of peoples can be solved easily. A consultant can be in any way, it depends on your knowledge. If you have knowledge of health, then you can become a health consultant. If you have knowledge of Yoga & Gym, you can become a Fitness Consultant.

I am sure that you will have knowledge on any topic. You can create content related to it and put it on social media platforms. Those who will like your information/advice will also contact you. You can charge the fees for giving advice. And If you upload regular content, then the reach of your content will increasing and peoples will connect with you and you will start earning money online. And It can be creative ideas to make money online.

2. Sell Photos and Earn Money 

If you have a little bit of interest in photography, then you can take a picture and sell it online and. You can sell your photos online. There are many websites for this like Adobe Stock, Shutter Stock, Alarmy, and many more. Here you can make good money by selling photos online.

3. Affiliate Marketing – Great Idea to earn money Online

In Affiliate Marketing, a lot of companies like Amazon, Flipkart give you opportunities to earn. Simply you have to promote their products. There are various ways of affiliate marketing. You can make a short video about any product and add a product buy link to it. You can also use social media for it and blogging platforms in which add a buy link of products on websites or posts. Whenever someone watches your video or visits your websites or social media platforms then they will buy products from your buy link and you will get the commission. The growth of affiliate marketing is very much because today everyone is interested in online shopping. So It can be a great idea for you to make money online.

4. Photo Editor and Logo Maker 

If you are interested in photo editing or you know how to work on the top photo editing app, then it can be a great idea, You can earn by editing the photos and creating a logo. For this, you can use freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and others. Here you will find many clients who need a photo editor and logo maker for their work. You can charge up about $50 – $100 to edit a photo or to make a logo.

5. Content Writing 

If you are fond of writing, then you can make a good amount of money by becoming a content writer. For this, you can contact with 2-3 bloggers and write content for them and charge up to $100 – $150 easily for good and interesting content.
Again you can take a project of content writing from freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and others. You can make a good amount of money online by selling your content. If you are interested in content writing you can also become a blogger which is absolutely a mind-blowing idea to earn online and also my favorite. And if you are interested in writing, you can also start your own blogging website.

6. Paid Online Surveys 

The online survey is a trending way to earn money. Actually, most of the big companies in the world want to know about their likes and dislike by peoples for improving their product according to customers’ demands.
A lot of real online survey websites available on which big companies put their surveys and by completing those surveys you can make passive income online. These surveys are mostly of 5-15 minutes which you get some dollars.

There are various real online survey websites like –   Prize Rebel, Swagbucks, MintVine, GrabPoints, and others. These are some website ideas to make money online.
You will get also some more options for online money on some of these websites like watching videos and playing games and others.

7. Make Money by Writing Reviews

You have probably heard about money-making by some review writing work. But mostly when you start work on these websites, it is a scam.
But there are also some real websites where you can give reviews of products or brands. For this, you get some dollars. It is very easy but you need a real platform or websites where you can really work. Some real online payable websites are also available where you can work –

  • MothShut.com
  • Playlist Push
  • Capterra Reviews

8. Captcha Filing Job 

If you don’t know what a captcha is, Let me tell you – Captcha means a computer program. Basically, you have to manually fill some text on the screen. If you will search captcha filing work, you will find a lot of websites, but let me tell you 80% of the websites are scams. So In such a situation, it is very important for which websites are real on which you can get your money.

Many websites claim that you work and you will get the money immediately. Let me tell you most such websites are fake or scam. whatever websites are real, there don’t get immediate work due to lots of traffic.

Everyone wants to do work on some genuine websites so that traffic is obviously very high.

But when you work on it, a profile gets created and you start getting the projects.  The more you work on the project, the more your profile becomes stronger and you will start getting more projects and more money. Creating an account on these websites is absolutely free. And if you work every day, then the profile will become strong and you can earn money up to $100 every day. Some of the Genuine Websites are –  People per hour, Toptal, Guru.com, and others. And If you want some online work from home job, it can prove the best way.

9. Online Teaching –

Online Teaching is one of the best and especially my favorite way of earning from home.
If you have knowledge of any subject and you are interested in teaching, then it can be the best online part-time job for students who want some extra pocket money.

Tip: For this, you can post an Ad. on your social media account and whoever needs tuition will contact you by visiting your Ad.
I would like to tell you, I also teach students online for just 2 hours daily. So If you little interest in teaching, start today.

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This is not an article only. If you follow one or two of these ways, then believe me you can make a very good income. When you start working on one of them, it may take some time to build your profile but after that, you can make a very good income online.
And Guys, Everything starts with zero and new ideas. I am sure that if you are reading so much for information or passive income and giving time, then you have a hunger to do something and you can.

So these are some ideas to make money online. If you also have some best and amazing ideas,  then please share it with us through the comment.

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