8 Most Important things to Know Before Starting a Blog

8 Most Important things to Know Before Starting a Blog

If you want make money online then from Blogging then luckily you have reached the best place. Here, I will tell you the all information about blogging from beginners to advance and also step wise blogging from tip to end.
you must have also heard it is very difficult to earn money online or it is a scam. But I would like to tell blogging is a best and trending source of income if you have even little knowledge & interest on any topic like cooking, sports, education, market, Tech. etc.
Blogging – The Best Platform to make money online. 


Blogging Complete Details – All About Blogging

Have you come to the right place, If you are thinking these then I clear you

  • Are you looking for a best platform to earn money online ?
  • How to select Niche/Topic for a Blog ?
  • Do you want to earn money through Blogging?
  • Are you thinking of Blogging as a carrier right or wrong option ?
  • Are You confuse weather you should do Blogging or not
  • All Information regarding a blog ( A to Z )

   If you are thinking one of these then you are the right place   

Let’s Start – The dream Project Blogging 

 First question Arises :-

   1. What is a Blog ?

 Blog is a like a websites which is a product of google, on which people write the content of their interest and information and   reach others in details

* I explain it through a example :-

Just like when we post on Instagram and facebook, it reaches some peoples not world wide, Similarly the content we write on it reaches every person in the world who want to know about it and search on google.

What are you thinking now ———

 You might have heard 3 words :-

  1. Blog
  2. Blogging
  3. Blogger

You must have cleared :-

What exactly a Blog ? ‘

Blogging :- The writing process of the blog is called blogging.

Blogger :-  Those who write blogs are called Bloggers.

That’s Simple !


2. How to select blog Topic /Niche

 As I told, people write it according to their interest, knowledge and Information in details ———–
If you want to know how I do ?

So you make a list on a page about the Topics that has your interest or you have the depth knowledge about on a specific topic.
Let’s make it easier to understand : —-

You can make a list of such Topics about which you can write 25-30 sub- topics in details by your knowledge and research, but you should have interest on that because if you don’t have interest, you will be bored within some days and may be you leave.

Just example : – If you have an interest in cooking, you can write lot information about it, you can tell about a lot dishes you can write about it on the various topics .

  If you have more than 3 or 4 topics in your list, you can write about which you have most information and much interest ,
  you can also cut one by one according to your interest and finally select a best Topics ( Niche ) for you.


3. How to start blogging ?

There are various platforms where we can start blogging like : Weebly,Tumbler, Medium etc. but –
 Mostly used by peoples for blogging, there are two Platforms : –
    a) Blogger
    b) WordPress

Basically Blogger.com is a google platform which is absolutely free.

WordPress.com – It is a paid platform, basically not paid platform but you have to purchase domain and web hosting .

 # Domain – Basically, Domain is the name or address where  internet users can access of your websites.
 # Hosting – In a simple language, It works like storage on a web server of websites where all files of your websites allocates.


Why I shouldn’t do it for free, If free platform is available ——

Blogger.com is free platform but it provides limited customization, And you don’t have as much control of your website there is WordPress.com.

# My advice for selecting platform for blogging :

If you don’t know anything about blogging and want to gain experience, then you can go with blogger because If you could not write more or if you feel it is not interested for you then you will not suffered any loss and main things you should gain experience of blog firstly.
But If you have interest on blogging and want to do for a long time or for always , you should definitely go with WordPress without any doubt.
Obviously, It is the best platform for blogging.
Again, I am not saying blogger.com is not useful because many of bloggers generating a good income from this platform too but only it has limited customization.
It’s your choice  because you know how much you want to invest or have you interest on blogging or not.


4. Blogging Carrier :-

 Blogging is a great idea from the carrier point of view. But mostly peoples fails because they think it is a quick earning process   but it is not right, you should have patience. If you want to work on any online earning platform like YouTube, blogging, etc then patience is must important. If your content is attractive and interesting, then the traffic will be definitely generated till 6 to 8 months and you will start earning.
The whole world is going digital, something has happened, and the use Google you all know, how much use it for information not only google also Search engine. So the blogger as a carrier is much bright, If you have little Patience and if you write a good and interesting content.

5. Blogger Carrier Future growth / Scope

 In future blogging is very bright and you can do such part time and full time blogging, If you see many peoples are blogging   with study for 3-4 hours daily and generating a good income. So, you can start it with your work as a part-time .

6. Should I blogging or not :-

 If you can write on any specific topic, you can start blogging. Actually, If you want to earn money digitally, you have to give   something, – that is a good content. If you have a good content, you will definitely start a good income but again patience is   most important.


Final basic part and most important topic before start a blog :-

 7. How to earn from blogging :-

It depends on types of marketing on your blogs and also on blog traffic. Basically various different types of sources by which you can generate money sources on your blog . Mainly you can use in your blog for earnings are :-
 a) Ad. Network – Ad Scenes :- It is a source of Ad. which is shown through google on your blog and earning through per click on Ad. and traffic on your blog ( depends on CPC – cost per click and PPC – pay per click ).
 b) Affiliate Marketing :- This is also source of advertisement that appears on your blog to the readers. And It is given the Ads with its buy link to the product of a company / brand which leads to product sales through links on your blogs, and you will get commission.
Also the other ways like ways like Paid Reviews, Sponsorship, offer online consulting, native advertisement etc.

8. How much you can earn through blogging :-

As I already told, what are the things on which earning of blogging depends on. many top bloggers earns lot of money even $50000 per month. So your earning depends on all those things which I have already told.


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